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As the debate on the UK’s membership of the EU intensifies, more and more people are stepping forward and making the case in favour of EU membership. See what they say


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What's the EU to you?


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Speaker service

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EuroMove200 club

The EuroMove 200 Club is a lottery. Members of the European Movement UK can enrol in the Club at any time so, if you are a current member of the Movement and would like to join and have a chance to win one of the cash prizes...

Expert Briefings

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→ Review of the balance of competence between the UK and the EU

→ The 2015 Party Election Manifestos and the European UnionTTIP


The European Movement UK carries out a series of projects to raise awareness on the importance of the EU for the UK, and the benefits and opportunities it provides.

- Young - Entrepreneurial - European: The EU means more than just politics!

This year, with the project "Young - Entrepreneurial - European: The EU means more than just politics!", the objective is to inform people about the EU, with a special focus on the younger generation as well as the entrepreneurial sector. It also aims to inform and encourage people to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Please click to get more information about our first event in Cardiff.

The EU Summit Briefings

Together with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the European Movement UK holds  a series of events in London on the latest developments in the EU and how they impact the UK.

- The legacy of EU funds in the regions

In 2013, events were held across the UK to highlight the benefits of the EU funds to the regions of the UK. Local stakeholders as well as high profile speakers were invited to join a panel discussion to discuss how the EU can contribute to the everyday life of its citizens in the regions. Click to get more information about the conferences held in Bristol, Liverpool and Sheffield.


European Parliament elections 2014 - your right to vote!

- What's the EU to you?

- Tabloids

Past activities

- Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration

- European Elections 2009

- Mock Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in Luton

From Europe with Love

- Coalition for the Reform Treaty

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