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As the debate on the UK’s membership of the EU intensifies, more and more people are stepping forward and making the case in favour of EU membership. See what they say


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→ Review of the balance of competence between the UK and the EU

→ The 2015 Party Election Manifestos and the European UnionTTIP

Who are the Senior European Experts?

The Senior European Experts group is an independent body consisting of former high-ranking British diplomats and civil servants, including several former UK ambassadors to the EU, and former officials of the institutions of the EU. They kindly make their Briefing notes available to the European Movement.

Part of the Senior European Experts group are:

Sir Michael Arthur

Mr Graham Avery

Mr David Bostock

Sir Colin Budd

Lord Robin Butler

Mr Anthony Cary

Mr John Cooke

Sir Brian Crowe

Sir Alan Dashwood QC

Sir David Elliott

Lord David Hannay

Lord Michael Jay

Sir Emyr Jones Parry

Lord John Kerr

Ms Anne Lambert

Mr Andy Lebrecht

Sir Nigel Sheinwald

Sir Stephen Wall

Mr Michael Welsh

Lord David Williamson

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The Senior European Experts Group depends on the financial support of its readers in order to continue its work. If you find the papers published by the Senior European Experts Group useful, please consider making a donation. You can do so via our secure Paypal account - click the link below:

Senior European Experts Papers

The EU and the UK

The 2015 Party Election Manifestos and the European Union

Reviews of the Balance of Competences between the UK and the EU

Britain and EU migrants: an update

Britain and the EU: Are there alternatives to membership?

The Wider Benefits of UK Membership of the EU

The economic benefits to the UK of EU membership

The UK's Contribution to the EU Budget

EU Police and Criminal Justice Law: the UK and the Jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice

The EU: Nature, Characteristics and Development

The New European Parliament & European Council Appointments, 2014

A new direction for the European Union?

The EU: The First Fifty Years 

Europe and Globalisation 

Is Europe a Superstate? 

Sovereignty and the EU

The Extent of EU Legislation 

Staffing the EU Institutions

The European Parliament

The European Parliament June 2009: Composition and New Powers 

The European Commission

The European Commission 2010-14 

The EU's Europe 2020 Strategy

The 2014 round of appointments in the EU institutions

Economy and Finance

The Eurozone: Recent Development

The EU-US Trade Talks: A Transatlantic Partnership in the Making?

Competition in the European Union

European Economic Models - Arguments by Caricature? 

The Lisbon Agenda for Economic Reform 

The EU and "Economic Nationalism" 

The EU and the Doha Round 

EU External Trade Policy 

10 years of euro 

The EU’s Role in the Regulation of Financial Services 

EU Competition Policy 

The EU Services Directive: an update 

Services Directive 

The EU and the Global Financial Crisis 

Ensuring Financial Stability in the EU:  the Central and Eastern member states 

State Aids in the EU and the Economic Crisis 

Regulating Hedge Funds – The EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive 

Reforming European Economic Governance

Financial Supervision in the EU

A Financial Transactions Tax for Europe?

The Fiscal Compact Treaty

The Eurozone Crisis: an Update

Where next for the single market?

The Austerity and Reform Programmes of Five Eurozone Countries

Banking Union - Proposals for Banking Regulation

Bank Recovery & Resolution: European Commission Proposals

The liberalisation of Europe's railways

The EU Budget

The Future Financing of the EU 

Fraud and Accounting in the EU 

EU Budget Reform 

The future EU budget - the agricultural dimension 

The EU's budget procedure

The EU's financial framework from 2013

The EU's 2012 budget


The Future Enlargement of the EU 

The accession of Croatia to the EU

Iceland's application to join the EU

Human and Social Rights

The EU and Social Security

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The Working Time Directive

The Agency Workers Directive

EU social and employment policy

Institutional Reform

The institutions of the EU 

Institutional Change 

Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) 

The Reform Treaty for the European Union 

The EU Reform Treaty: A Response to Criticisms 

Positive points about the Treaty of Lisbon 

The EU beyond the Lisbon Treaty: An agenda for action 

The Lisbon Treaty in Practice 

Foreign Policy

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: An Update

The EU's Common Foreign & Security Policy

The EU's Common Security & Defence Policy

EU's Security Strategy 

The EU’s External Action Service

The European External Action Service, Roadmap for Success 

European Neighbourhood Policy 

Enhanced co-operation in the EU: theory and practice

The EU's Eastern Partnership 


The EU & Darfur 




Aceh, Indonesia 

The Congo 


The United States 


EU's aid to the Palestinians

The EU and the Western Balkans

The EU and the "Arab awakening"

EU action on Syria

EU action on Iran

EU peacekeeping and Somalia

Justice and Home Affairs

The European Evidence Warrant and Investigation Order

The EU Crime and Justice Policy 

The EU and the Fight against Terrorism 

Securing the EU's Borders 

Immigration and Asylum 

Aviation security and the EU 

The Stockholm Programme 

The European Court of Justice 

A public prosecutor for Europe? 

The Schengen Area 

Corpus Juris - a criminal law system for the EU?

The European Arrest Warrant

Environment, Energy and Development

The Common Fisheries Policy: Proposals for Reform

The EU and the Environment 

The EU and Climate Change 

Boosting the Recycling in the EU: The Waste Directive 

The EU and biofuels 

Climate change agreement December 2008 

Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy

The Common Agricultural Policy 

The Common Fisheries Policy

The EU and Energy Policy 

EU Development Policy 

Other EU Policies

Picking and Choosing EU Policies 

The EU and Telecommunications 

The EU and R&D

The EU and Health

Free movement of people within the European Union 

Free movement of people: Bulgaria and Romania

The EU's Structural and Cohesion Funds

The EU & Weights and Measures

Establishing a Digital Single Market in Europe


McCain-Obama, a personal contribution to the debate about EU-US, by David Hannay 

The relationship of the European Union and the United Nations: A work in progress - lecture by Lord Hannay of Chiswick at the Cardiff School of European Studies, 4 November

How will we know if the European Union's External Action Service (EEAS) has got off to a good start? Article in Europe's World by Lord Hannay of Chiswick

The EU after the Lisbon Treaty - aspirations and realities, lecture by Lord Hannay of Chiswick to the Sussex Branch, European Movement at Wilton Park, 3 October 2010

What role may the UK play in Common Foreign and Security Policy and in Global Fora? - lecture by Lord Hannay of Chiswick at Wilton Park Conference, 16 November 2010

Europe’s Place in the World and Britain’s Place in Europe
Speech by Lord Hannay of Chiswick to the Federal Trust: 16 December 2010

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