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As the debate on the UK’s membership of the EU intensifies, more and more people are stepping forward and making the case in favour of EU membership. See what they say


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A new direction for the European Union?

Britain and EU migrants

The European Movement (Scottish Council)

The European Movement is Scotland’s oldest dedicated pro-European campaigning organisation. We believe in a strong and united Europe, and we are fed up with the continuous deluge of half-truths and misinformation served up by the Eurosceptic press and political parties. Do you feel the same?

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We believe that in Scotland there is a great reservoir of goodwill towards Europe. The European Movement in Scotland aims to mobilize this goodwill – or at least to demonstrate that it exists – and to counter Eurosceptic misinformation by working to make the pro-European voice heard in the media and in government.

The European Movement Scotland welcomes members of all political parties, and those without affiliation.

As part of the European Movement UK, the European Movement in Scotland (technically, the Scottish Council of the European Movement UK) is largely autonomous and is governed by an Executive Committee elected at an Annual General Meeting.

We are an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, funded exclusively by our members. We receive no funding from any political party, from the UK or Scottish Governments or from any institution of the European Union.

Although the Movement in Scotland shares the same overall aims and objectives as the UK Movement, it is particularly concerned with the interests of Scotland as a constituent part of Europe. We maintain close and friendly relations with our sister organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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E-mail: membership [dot] euromovescotland [at] gmail [dot] com
or call 0746 705 40 67.

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